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Life Insurance – Meaning 2024.

Life Insurance – Meaning 2024.Life Insurance which is often supported by the concept of an agreement between a person at risk and the insurer, implies that the insurer is taking the obligation to continue paying a certain amount of money upon the death of the insured person or after the specified time. At ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, when you do give us a premium for term assurance, in turn, we issue you a policy that would be in effect for that period. This terminal Life Cover gives an unsettled mind a pleasant twist because, in the event of the worst happening, the beneficiaries shall receive a lump sum that will make them indisputably comfortable. In other cases, you are not paid (mature benefit) at the end of the policy but your sum amount of money at the end (mature sum).

What Is the PP Plan?

A Pure protection plan is supposed to shield your kin from any difficulties, including your absence, and, thereby, to ensure a lump sum of funds for your relatives.

Which plan are you referring to “Protection and Savings”?

A financial safety net product where you determine the luxurious expenses of your needs that do not necessarily include saving for the home, educating your children, and the likes, but also with Life Cover as part of its benefit.

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Factors determining the insurance rates include health status, age, gender, employment history, medical history, driving record, and health history.

Now that you know what is life insurance and why you need it, find out the factors that can affect the life insurance premium: Now that you know what life insurance is and why you need it, let’s explore the possible factors that can impact your premium – providing more insights into this aspect of the topic.


Life Insurance - Meaning 2024.

One of the most common factors influencing the premium for a life insurance plan is your age. Life insurance premiums for young people are lower and later it increases to reach the maximum when people are getting older.


Women live longer than men, based on the science research. Hence, a female, looking for the same amount of protection in a life insurance policy, should pay lower premium rates than men.

Health conditions:

Your current and past diseases will be considered in the evaluation process which will influence the cost of your life insurance coverage. If you had a health history of pre-existing chronic diseases or had an infectious disease in the past that may repeat and get worse affecting your health now, it would be costly for you to get the insurance.

Family health history:

The probability of having a disease that you are genetically inclined to is as good as 50-50. In addition to this, health insurance companies may often require a higher premium if any hereditary illnesses are found to be in the family.

Smoking and drinking alcohol:

Smoking and drinking alcohol, two lifestyle habits, may affect your health and cause different illnesses. This is the reason the insurance firms charge a high rate to those who smoke or drink too much.

Type of coverage:

The premium of the plan strictly depends upon the type of coverage you are selecting from the plan. A GPWP implies underwriting risk which rises if you add any rider(s) to your plan, the premium increases. Along with that, the term of the policy can be responsible for significantly increasing the insurance premium. Also, another point to be considered in deciding the life insurance policy is the type of plan you choose that affects the premium you pay. Moreover, term life insurance takes the first spot when it comes to the most affordable type of life insurance.

Life Insurance - Meaning 2024.
Life Insurance – Meaning 2024.

Amount of coverage:

Thereby, we could encounter a more premium and if we would go for a lower sum assured.


Depending on the job risk, the rates for your life insurance would be higher compared to others. By the way, if you are subject to the risks that come with your work in the construction industry, or if you have to work in an unsafe environment (for example, you work with chemicals regularly), the insurance company will take it into account and will charge a higher premium.

Life Insurance may be said to be of various categories of benefits.

Life insurance can offer several benefits to you and your loved ones, including the following:

Financial Security

You are charged with paying a premium when you buy an insurance policy so that the insurance company compensates your beneficiaries if they suffer financial challenges arising from your death. The money from life insurance can be utilized by the beneficiaries to meet the short-term needs of the family such as rent and living expenses.

Wealth Creation

Some life insurance packages give you the chance to invest and make more of your money. It is a compensatory measure, which gives you a grasp on how you can adequately handle financial responsibilities in the days to come. Life insurance may help you to generate good money income and earn.

Tax benefits

Life insurance plans bring huge tax advantages.

Let us understand some commonly used terms in Life Insurance: Let us understand some commonly used terms in Life Insurance:

Life Assured:

It is the one who is the insurance holder under the policy.


It’s the individual who takes care of the premium payments. For example: If you are the Life Assured and also the natural proposal, then the policy has been purchased for yourself. Likewise, in the insurance example, if you are buying a policy for any family member, then you are the proposer and the person concerned is the Life Assured.

Life Insurance - Meaning 2024.

Nominee or Beneficiary:

It is the individual whom you elected at the time of purchasing, the cover of the policy, to receive the benefits, if you are unavailable.


The purchase of a life insurance policy from an insurer (for example ICICI Prudential Life Insurance) is the act of buying a life insurance policy.

Life Cover:

It is the amount the Insurer will pay to your Nominee if he or she dies untimely.

Maturity Benefit:

Concerning Protection and Guarantee of Benefits, the Insurer pays a specific amount of money at the end of the policy term. This is the sum of and is called “Maturity Amount.”


A premium is the amount you pay to the insurer to get the benefits assured by the insurance policy. These payments are either fixed, payable throughout the policy period irrespective of the preferential treatment you opt for, or for a restricted number of years.

Premium Payment Term:

The length of time in which you pay the premiums is referred to as Term.

Policy Term:

The total number of years wherein the Life Cover stands valid.

Let us understand how Life Insurance works: Let us understand how Life Insurance works:

The fact that in these days having life insurance is a must for every individual because it is one of the best ways to secure not only one’s future but also that of the loved ones. There are distinct life insurance policies that you can find in the insurance market. On the other hand, without knowing how life insurance works, it is necessary to choose the appropriate policy.

Let us look at an example to understand how life insurance works: Let us look at an example to understand how life insurance works:

Now, let’s see an example: Now, let’s see an example:

In the example, Mr. Kumar (Life Assured) who is the policyholder of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance (Insurer), an annual amount(Premium) is paid over 5 years (Premium Payment Term) to make sure that his wife(Nominee) gets a certain assured sum of money(Life Cover) in case an unfortunate event happens during 10 years

Life Insurance - Meaning 2024.

Life insurance does not only safeguard you from the risk that might hinder from you living a life due to a mishappening, but it can help you to avail added benefits like tax exemptions, savings, and wealth creation throughout your lifetime.

  1. Is the purchase of life insurance necessary?

Indeed, life insurance is a viable choice. Even if somebody does not have financial dependents he/she will find these benefits of life insurance coverage pretty interesting. Financial support for the funeral, loan, raising a child, education, medical bills, and many other expenditures is ensured in case the breadwinner of the family perishes, and the insurance becomes a financial net that helps your loved ones. Life insurance makes it possible and reasonably cheap to be financially secure for the people who matter to you much in gaining financial assistance when you are not there.

  1. When the beneficiary has to serve the cause of claim, after death!

    • This process is simple. You have the option to file claims online, at our branches, at the central office, via SMS, email, or through the hotline in a way that is more convenient to you. Via physical documents getting sent to the nearest bank to start the process or by paper. The documents needed are:

Claimant’s statement form

On the other hand, Lender Borrower Group(regarding Credit Life policies) – a claimant’s statement or claim intimation form.

This immediate and fluid communication with the insurer is critical to the settlement of claims/disputes/claims.

Certificate duplication is created by the Local Authority.

Life Insurance - Meaning 2024.

Photocopy of harbinger’s photo identification proof and current address proof – Photo ID & Current Address Proof List.

Bank chequeen/Bank passbook copy

The medical legal cause of death certificate.

Medical records include (admission notes, discharge/death summary, indoor case papers, test results, etc).

Life Insurance – Meaning 2024.

While insurance reduces immediate worries in severe cases, it also gives hope for long-term treatment as the insured/ life assured settles down with the knowledge that there is financial security.

A certificate of medical attendance/ Letter stamped by the doctor of the hospital.

Proof from the employer (the salary ones)

However, along with letter no. [number] and Insurance Policy, [name of person] would provide these documents.

Autopsy Report and Chemical Viscera Report.

FIR/ Panchnama/ Inquest Report/ Last Investigation Report and final conduct of the investigation.

Photo of driving license if Life Assured was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident (ONLY applicable when ‘Accident and Disability Benefit Rider’ is opted)

Followingly, the claims team will check through the details and ask if any important files have not been sent together with the claim file. The company’s claim is registered and it procures all the required permissions and settles all legitimate claims either by cheque or by Electronic Clearance System (ECS).

Life Insurance - Meaning 2024.
  1. What is the maximum number of members who can be in the life insurance policy?

The number of beneficiaries you add goes unlimited. Nevertheless, even though a deceased person has the will and its contents mention who is to receive the insurance payments after death, the nominee in the will is not a qualifying factor.

  1. How many days will take to get the money obtained through the life insurance after the death of the beneficiary?

We provide our money-back guarantee: Claim For Sure. By doing that, this guarantee grants death claims payout in 1 Day *. It provides easy use and easy claims when your loved ones are somewhere out of the house. In addition to this one day, it accrues interest# on the sum due every working day overdue.

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